Bilmola Nex 2 helmet company is situated in India. It costs almost Tk.8500.The Bilmola Nex 2 is Full Face Helmets type helmet with good ventilation system ,an impact-absorbing liner and comfort padding.All of the Bilmola helmets are contain the certifications of ECE, and Dot. Click-here to find all brands helmets.

The Features are down there below!

Bilmola Nex 2 Helmet

Bilmola Nex 2

Price: Tk 8500(approx.)

Type: Full Face Helmets
Brand: Bilmola

Nex 2 is a Full face helmet manufactured and designed by Bilmola.


- Shock Resistant Thermoplastic which Makes the helmet extremely strong yet lightweight.
- It gets single shell size, which will be a negative side of this helmet by compromising the safety.
- Aerodynamic design to stable during high-speed.
- The rear spoiler gives a sporty and aggressive look to the helmet, enhances the aerodynamics at higher speed, and reduces turbulence.
- Multiple ventilation systems for better air flow.


- Polycarbonate with Anti Scratch clear visor.
- Equipped with ready pin-lock 30 vision visor.
- Quick Release System (QRS) helps in removing and replacing the visor effortlessly.
- The double movement spring visor mechanism avoids the incoming of water or air.
- Optimal Closing Screen.
- Easy screen disassembly system.


- Completely removable interior and made with highly breathable and antibacterial materials.
- Expanded Polystyrene used for better comfort.
- It has a diversity of fabrics for the interiors of the helmets.
- Built-in speaker pockets for a communication system.
- Multiple internal tissues.
- Quick activation of ventilation.


- ECE R-22.05(EU) & TIS 369-2557 approved safety standard.


- Double D-ring retention system.
- Stepping Lock Made from Stainless Steel SUS 304.