Axxis Eagle SV Solid Matt Black helmet company is situated in Spain,Europe. It costs almost Tk.4500.The Axxis Eagle SV Solid Matt Black is Full Face Helmets type helmet with good ventilation system ,an impact-absorbing liner and comfort padding.All of the Axxis helmets are contain the certifications of ECE, and Dot. Click-here to find all brands helmets.

The Features are down there below!

Axxis Eagle SV Solid Matt Black Helmet

Axxis Eagle SV Solid Matt Black

Price: Tk 4500(approx.)

Type: Full Face Helmets
Brand: Axxis

Axxis Eagle SV Solid Matt Black is a full-face helmet of the Eagle helmet series. The features of the Eagle SV Solid are-

  • Extra space for glasses: Properly profiled lining has a place on the line of the temples to facilitate riding in glasses.

  • Shell Material Termoplast: A polymer that becomes plastic under the influence of temperature. It has very good properties, is hard and resistant to permanent deformation, and has high and low temperatures.

  • Chin curtain: Diaphragm in the lower part of the helmet tightly adheres to the neck, making sure that unwanted air does not get inside.

  • Breath deflector: The deflector redirects air coming out of our mouths to prevent visor fogging up. While the visor is open, the deflector makes breathing easier.

  • Breathing lining: Breathing liner ensures great airflow through the helmet preventing sweating and fogging.

  • Hypoallergenic lining: Lining made with hypoallergenic materials so that everyone can use this helmet without any worry

  • Pull-Out Lining: Removable padding, for example, to wash it, so that it is always clean and fresh as new

  • Buckle type Micro click type: Clasp type micro click is convenient and fast to use. By using a serrated wedging element, we can quickly adjust the length of the belt and easily undo it.

  • ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 certificate: The helmet has passed the ECE 22.05 or ECE 22.06 approval tests. Tests for safety, buckle strength, peel resistance, and more.

  • Top Vents: The helmet features top intake ports which help to create a constant, light flow of air for cooling and comfort

  • Chin Vents: The helmet features chin intake ports which help to create a constant, light flow of air for cooling and comfort

  • Exhaust Port: The helmet features back exhaust ports which help to create a constant, light flow of air for cooling and comfort

  • Channeled Ports: Fully adjustable inlet and outlet ports cooperating with the rear spoiler helmet form a steady, light air stream to provide comfort.

  • Anti-Fog System Pinlock: The helmet’s glass is adapted to the Pinlock system. (Not included)

  • Fog Resistant: Visor has an additional coating to prevent fogging.

  • Scratch Resistant: Visor is resistant to small scratches

  • UV Resistant: Visor is coated with an anti UV layer.

  • Quick Release System: Visor is detachable without using any tools thanks to small springs that hold everything together.

  • Twin Shield System: The fold-down sun visor helps protect your eyes from the sun. Lowered and hidden by means of a lever on the side of the helmet.

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