The History of Helmet

The History of Helmet

The helmet is necessary for bike lovers. It is one kind of safety gear to protect the biker/s head from further injury in case of an accident. The design, most importantly the outer shell and interior padding gives users a comfortable feeling as well as protects the most important body part of the human body which is our head.

According to history, the concept of the helmet developed around 1914. A well-known British physicist, Dr. Eric, observed that, many of the motorcycle racers have died from head injuries during a crash. Not only were the racers, but the usual bikers also died as well. So he came up with the idea of making helmets.
Later, after several incidents and accidental cases especially after the expiry of British archaeologist, army officer, diplomat, and writer, T. E. Lawrence in 1935 the habit of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle came in significance both in the army and to the civilians. Subsequently from 1941 wearing a helmet became compulsory to the motorcycle riders in the British Army, and in the Second World War, the regulation was adopted in many departments in many other countries.

The idea of the modern helmet came later around 1953. One of the first modern helmets was designed by US army members. They used rigid shells on the outside and comparatively soft materials inside. Over time, their modern concept become today’s helmet. Now the entire helmet manufactured companies, modifying and developing the designs.

Nowadays, we can find different types of helmets like full-face, flip-up/modular, open-face, and half-shell, and so on. All of these helmets are modified versions of the very first modern helmet.

Accordingly, companies maintain the safety protocols as well as, come up with latest models with more features. Today’s top listed brands are MT, KYT, SHARK, LS2, TORQ etc.