Neera Helmets

NEERA is a well known automobile parts importer and supplier in Bangladesh. Late Mohammad Noor Hossain was the founder of Neera’s mother organization Neera Enterprise. Late in 1974, after the success of Neera Enterprise , it became the notorious Neera Auto Industries Ltd. Alongside with the industry Neera marketing company and Neera Auto Corporation were also started their journey. At first, they used to import spare parts especially from Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, but in 1990 they collaborated with the Korean brand named Golden Boy tyre-tube as their sole agent in our country. After their great success in this field they became national agent for another two Indonesian brand known as Swallow (Tyre-Tube) and NS (Battery). In recent years, they whole-heartedly are working the various governmental organizations as Directorate General Defense Purchase (DGDP), Border Guards Bangladesh, Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP and Rapid Action Battalion in order to provide security and intelligence equipment’s and solutions services. Besides all these success, they have their own brand manufactured in China, which contain Neera Helmet, Neera plug and Spare parts. They are so avowed that, they have more than 150 dealers and retailers across the country. They also Import helmets Indian brand Replay. In their helmet production they have Full face helmet, Open face helmet, Cap helmet, Modular helmet, Dot and Ece certified helmet.