MT Helmets

Manufacturas Tomás, S.A. is widely known as MT is a Spanish helmet producer, was started its journey Late in 1968. The tagline of MT Helmets is actually meant their quality and standard. Their very first base was in La Palma (Cartagena). After successfully running production for almost 12 years, in 1980, it was decided to set up an injection factory under the supervision of companies such as Bayer, GE, and Basf, with the aim of manufacturing the helmets themselves which was approved by R.F. From Spanish motorcycles. In late 1992, mandatory use of the helmet was established, creating a new CE-22.04 regulation, absorbing the current previous certification that is only valid for motorcycles. They started the new production line in China in the late 2000s. After all their success in 2014, they moved their warehousing and distribution facilities to 92 countries from the headquarters. They have now reached more than 100 countries around the world.