KYT Helmets

Mr. Eddy Teddjakusuma, the founder of PT TARA group created KYT as a "Racing Idea project". After its procreation PT TARA became world's leading helmets manufacturer company. The idea project was found its way in 1998 as a brand named RACING DNA which tends to produce helmets with the intense quality and attribute of motorsport racing performance.

The KYT is based on one philosophy, which is to maintain the highest quality and attributes of a premium racing helmet, at an acceptable value point to the world-wide customers. Each and every helmet from KYT knows what the requirement of riders from race to street is. With the help of the extensive experience in producing many private label well-known brand premium motorcycle helmets world wide KYT has adapted the strict manufacturing process and precision norm with the largest technology.

KYT is dedicated to their consecutive research and acquisition of latest technology to create excellent quality motorcycle racing helmet. They have their research, development and design facility mainly based in Italy, Europe. They have all kinds of helmets start from entry level to high professional racing helmets. They exponentially committed to their public communication. Racers like Andrea Iannone and Xavier Simeon communicate for the quality and development of KYT’s helmet.

With their endless effort KYT now became worlds most acceptable and favorable helmet brand to all kinds of motorcycle riders across the globe.