Caberg Helmets

Caberg was founded in 1974, based in the city of Bergamo in the North Italy. The company was named after the name of the city as Caschi di Bergamo (Helmets from Bergamo), now known as Ca-Berg. Near in 1978, they have launched the first helmet which was fully dedicated to off-road rides. Caberg is the first company that invented the flip-up type of helmets. It was their fit-to-success project to become world-famous. Alongside with the helmets, they also design some of the famous visors. During the years, the strength point of Caberg has been focusing on smart helmets by combining look with functionality. Each and every year they keep up with the new designs of helmets with new visors and also some handy features. After all these 47 years Caberg now reaches to more than 20 countries.